Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heading home

I'd hoped to post a picture and report of today's events and set a blog to post tomorrow, but my internet time at the hotel ran out. I'm typing this on the business center computer and one or two keys must be in slightly different positions. It's driving me slightly batty.

Anyway, today was more walking around London--the Sir John Soanes museum, the British Museum, lunch at the White Horse pub on Drury Lane, and then an amble down Drury Lane to the Victoria Embankment, across the Millenium Bridge, past the Tate Modern (Okay, we took a bathroom break there and checked out the bookstore), past the Globe Theatre and on to the London Bridge Tube stop. We hopped off one stop before "home" so Mr. M could do something HE wanted to do for once--take a picture on Abbey Road.

Now we're checking in for our flight, printing out boarding passes, and starting to pack. It's been a great trip--I'll probably keep blogging about it for a while as I digest all the events.

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