Thursday, September 9, 2010

The experiment begins

True confession time--I'm not a huge fan of blogging. You'll see me post around the web when I have a book coming out, but besides that I've pretty much avoided the blogosphere.

So why start now? Mostly because I'm off to London--yay!--and want a way to organize and share my pictures. Not everyone is on Facebook, ya know?

And, okay, I'm hoping by posting things as I go along, I'll remember what the heck I saw. However, all this depends on my computer playing nicely with English electricity and internet connections.

This may be the shortest blog in the short history of blogdom.

So please bear with me as I stumble about here. And don't expect perfection. If I sweat over these words as much as I do over the words in my book, I'll wave the white flag immediately.

I'll leave you with the cover of my current release, The Naked Viscount, which came out in June...if I can remember how to upload pictures and IF blogger likes me.

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