Thursday, September 16, 2010


We took the train out to Bath today--1 and a half hours each way. We toured the Roman baths and visited the pump room--and yes, I took the waters. Mr. M. didn't care for the taste at all, but I didn't find it so bad. Except for the fact it was warm, it wasn't much worse than drinking the water at the Maryland/Delaware beaches.

We took a look in the Abbey and then headed off to the Royal Crescent to tour Number 1. I'm afraid I put the docents through their paces with all my questions, most of which they could answer very well. Mr. M and I were surprised to discover that the spit in the kitchen had been turned by a dog in a wheel, much like a hamster wheel suspended from the ceiling. Apparently there were dogs bred specifically for this job--and it wasn't a happy one.

Today we did take a break for lunch and then returned to the Royal Crescent to take more pictures. We tried to look in at the Assembly Rooms, but unfortunately they were booked for an event. So we headed off to tour the Herschel Museum of Astronomy and then crossed the Pulteney Bridge--not quite what I was expecting--before getting back on the train.

It was a full day--tomorrow we're off to Leeds Castle.

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