Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 3--channeling my inner mountain goat

It's too late to post a long report now--bed is calling me, but maybe I'll take an Advil or two first. I suspect I'll have some aching muscles in the morning. We climbed a lot today--stairs at the Tower, stairs to the top of the Monument (for which we got certificates), and then more stairs to the Whispering Gallery at St. Paul's and then higher to an outside outside viewing area called the Stone Gallery at the outside of the dome, and then even higher to the cathedral's tippy top, the Golden Gallery at the base off the lantern. (Mr. MacKenzie is not a fan of heights, so he let me made the final ascent by myself.) Here are two picture I took from the top--you can see the London Eye in the background of the first picture.


  1. Hope you're having fun! We did the Hop On, Hop Off tour and really enjoyed hearing the history of the city. :)

  2. We certainly are busy, Michelle. It is fun, but we could never keep this pace if we had kidlets in tow.