Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More on Knole, part 1

London Day 4 002

The picture above is not of a town—it’s of a single house: Knole in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Knole was our first destination outside London. We took the Tube to Charing Cross Station and caught a train for the roughly half hour ride to Sevenoaks. If there was signage in the train station pointing us toward Knole, we missed it, so we wandered around Sevenoaks until we finally found a visitor’s center (or centre, as it would be spelled there) and got directions to the main entrance. It wasn't until we were leaving that we found the footpath I’d been looking for when we arrived.

London Day 4 021

Nice, yes? From here we would have gone up through the medieval deer park to the house.

London Day 4 020London day 4 032

Fallow and Sika deer roam the grounds—I’m not sure which kind these are—or perhaps there are some of both.

London Day 4 016London day 4 038

We arrived before the house was open to visitors, so we walked around the wall that encloses the grounds.

London Day 4 011London Day 4 005

Mr. M is 6’3” (when he stands up straight) so you can see the wall is formidable—and the doorways are sometimes short.

What wasn’t enclosed by the wall was protected by a beautiful fence.

London Day 4 007London Day 4 013

And here’s the entrance—note the blue speck (moi).

London day 4 040

Once inside the entrance, you’re in the Green Court.

London day 4 025London day 4 026

From the Green Court, you pass through the Inner Wicket (again, I’m a blue speck)

London day 4 022

to the Stone Court (this is the other side of the Inner Wicket taken from the Stone Court)

London day 4 024

and the entrance to the Great Hall.

London day 4 023

I hope I got that all correct—I’m working from my feeble memory and the map in the guide book I (thankfully) purchased.

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