Friday, October 8, 2010

The Jewel Tower

Back to our London trip. The Jewel Tower was something else we probably wouldn’t have seen if we hadn’t gotten the London Pass.

London day 1 and 2 025

You might think there would be jewels in the Jewel Tower, but you would be wrong. It did once hold Edward III’s treasures.

London day 1 and 2 027

It had some seriously low doorways, as Mr. M. demonstrates. Fortunately, he didn’t literally demonstrate by whacking his head. There was a helpful sign on the other side that said: “Low Doorway. Please mind the step.”

The stairs were like many we encountered in the historic buildings—these are probably better than most of the Tower’s stairs.

London day 1 and 2 030

I’m happy to report we managed NOT to fall down any of them.

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