Friday, October 15, 2010

Dating disasters

I'll confess I wasn't ever a huge fan of dating. Maybe it was me; maybe it was the era I grew up in. I suppose going to an all girls' Catholic high school had something to do with it--and then going to an all male Catholic university the year it went coed. Dating just felt artificial, awkward, and uncomfortable.

Hmm. Should a romance writer admit that?

My favorite dating disaster story comes from my senior prom. A friend fixed me up with a boy from one of the area's all male high schools. He worked part time at a funeral home and wanted to be a priest.

Right. This is sounding real promising. But it gets better!

I had terminal cramps at the dinner before the prom. They were so bad, I had to go upstairs at my hostess's house to lie down. He came up to pat my hand and practice being sympathetic for when he was a priest, I guess. I sort of think the funeral home didn't let the high school guys anywhere near the bereaved.

When we got to the prom, some guy got sick in the bathroom and my date ditched me to tend to him.

Very memorable.

I did go to his prom a few weeks later. It must have been completely normal, since I can't recall a single detail.

Or, wait, maybe I can. I think we might have double dated with the friend who'd set me up with the guy in the first place. Her date--whom I think was in my class in grade school--held forth with some argument about ants having souls and being of the same "value" as people. My friend was scandalized by this, and ardent debater that she was, argued vehemently with him for the rest of the date.

Needless to say, this wasn't the beginning of a budding romance, though I think my friend actually dated the ant guy for quite a while.

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