Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dating issues

An article in Wednesday's Washington Post, "When to dump your date: Litmus tests in the age of Facebook," got me thinking. (Click here for the article.) My dating life was spotty and many, many years ago, but had I had superficial things that would make me dump a date--or not want to date someone at all?

Yes, I think I did.

I'm a bit height prejudiced. I couldn't get too romantically interested in a guy who was my height or shorter. And I wanted an older man--well, only a year or two older, but not my age and certainly not younger.

I once went out with a guy--again in high school--who wore those little shoe boots--I don't know if they even have them any more. They weren't real boots, but they weren't regular shoes either. Plus he'd installed a foot-shaped accelerator pedal in his car. Two strikes against him.

A guy got points in my book for driving stick shift. (I'm somewhat horrified to admit we no longer own a standard transmission car and none of my sons--except maybe the oldest whose wife is teaching him--can drive stick.) Driving a VW bug would be another plus.

I have to admit, I was a little concerned when I discovered Mr. M's family belonged to a country club.

Especially after writing yesterday's post, I was happy to see the women in the article gave guys points for cooking.

Of course, being the mother of four sons, I feel somewhat insulted that anyone might judge my boys on such superficial things.

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