Monday, April 4, 2011


Mr. M. and I flew out to Los Angeles on Saturday. Saturday was not a great day to be flying Southwest. The airline pulled many of its planes for emergency inspections after one plane developed a hole in the ceiling when it was way up in the sky. It landed safely, but I'm glad I wasn't on that flight! Anyway, many flights were canceled--ours wasn't, but it did leave 3 hours late which, with the 5 hour flight and the time difference, meant we weren't in tip top shape when we finally arrived on the West Coast.

Sunday we went to Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. That's a picture of part of its exterior above. As you can see, it's a bit funky looking for a Catholic church. The interior was a huge space with extremely high ceilings. Everything was very modern looking--I think the cathedral was built in 2002. The Mass itself was pretty much the same as our Masses at home.

After Mass we explored the LA subway system. Before we came out here, I asked friends about LA public transit and they all said rent a car. But we didn't have any problems today. We took the subway out to Hollywood and Vine and walked all over. Tomorrow we try the bus to Santa Monica.

I'll try to post pictures here, but if you want to see them sooner, they'll be on my general Facebook page--that's where my phone posts to. Unfortunately I brought the wrong charger for my camera, so I have to rely on my phone.

Off to bed now to be ready for tomorrow's adventure.

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