Monday, March 28, 2011

Taxes and travel

Things are a little topsy-turvy at chez MacKenzie at the moment. Important papers have mysteriously burrowed away somewhere, so we are on a hunt to find them, and the receipts I've been saving all year don't seem quite so clear now that it's time to order them for the tax man (or woman). Hmm. But Mr. M. and the accountant will bring order to it all, and I'll resolve to keep a more orderly filing system next year. Which is this year from a tax point of view. Oh, dear.

I can't leave all this paper wrangling to the last minute as I am off to the Romantic Times convention next week. I'm excited--and unsettled. I have errands to run, things to mail, things to buy. I must study the weather reports to figure out what clothes to pack. And where are my conference clothes, I wonder?

I like going out into the world, meeting readers and seeing writer pals, but I'm also very much a creature of habit. I like hiding in my writerly cave and following my boring routine. (I even eat the same thing for lunch every day!)

So I'll be running around this week. Next week I'll try to post some convention pictures here--and if you're my Facebook friend, you may find some pictures there. If you're actually at RT, please say hi!

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