Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to the routine

The two kids who were home for the Christmas holidays have returned to their respective institutions of higher education, and Mr. M is back to a regular work schedule, so I'm back to my routine. I love having everyone home. I love seeing them and talking to them...but I love getting back to my usual, boring pursuits, too--getting my exercise, eating my yogurt and apples for lunch, knowing my coffee cup will be in the cupboard when I want it.

What's on the calendar for me right now? Getting through the King page proofs, polishing the novella one more time before I send it off to meet my January 15 deadline, and cleaning and organizing the house before the college swimmers descend January 14.

And how does this blog fit into my routine? My goal is to post at least once a week, probably on Monday. If other blog-worthy...or sort of worthy...thoughts strike more often, all the better. I'll also be posting to other blogs around the release date for An Invitation to Sin (February 1!), and I'll put a link to those posts when they go up.

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