Sunday, January 29, 2012

Judging a book by its cover

So it's RITA--a Romance Writers of America contest for published authors--judging time, and I got my panel of books to read and score. I'm not one who likes to make decisions, so a number of years ago I had my youngest son stack the books in the order he thought I should read them. He went away to college and I was on my own for four years, but now he's back, so I asked him to put the books in order-to-be-read again.

I was in the living room and he was in the kitchen where I'd spread out the books for him to choose. He calls over--did I want to read them best to worst or worst to best? Hmm, I thought, this should be interesting. I knew he knew nothing about the authors and would never knowingly read a romance. I also knew he was going to spend about 2 and 1/2 seconds on this decision. "Worst to best," I said.

After he left, I went out to the kitchen to see how he'd ordered them. I wasn't surprised. The "worst" books had covers that were sexy or sweet; the "best" books were rather stark, looking like they might offer murder and mayhem.

Have I mentioned my family consists of one husband and four sons?

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