Monday, December 12, 2011

Bookmas Day 8

I'm still working on copy edits, so another short post.

You can't go to San Francisco without visiting the sea lions on Pier 39. My youngest son and I stopped by when I was in SF for the Romance Writers of America conference in the summer of 2008. Mr. M couldn't get away from work that year, so I dragged him over to see the animals this September. I think there are fewer of them now--they did all clear out in November 2009, but at least some came back. Here's a link to the web cam--as I check it now, no one's at home, but I'm writing this Sunday evening.

Bookmas clues: I went to this author's website to see what her books were about. They sound really interesting, so maybe I'll add her to my Christmas list. 1. Do this too long and you'll have a yucky, moldy mess. 2. Wonder if she ran into the cow?

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