Friday, December 9, 2011

Bookmas Day 7

I'm still wading through copy edits, so this post will be quick. I think I'm out on the Municipal Pier here. You can see some of the San Francisco skyline behind me. The building up on the hill on the left is the Coit Tower--it has some great murals--and our legs got quite the workout hiking up to it. (Though any walking in SF is good exercise.) The pointy building is the Transamerica Pyramid. I was puzzled by that ship the last time I was in SF--it's part of the Maritime Museum. It's late 19th century, so not of immediate interest to a Regency writer. The water behind me is the Aquatic Park Cove, shared by boats and swimmers--and I suspect some seals and sea lions (though I'll confess I'm a little unclear of the difference between those two.)

My Bookmas clues: 1. What Regency debutantes might do at Almack's; 2. Piccadilly after hours; 3. I was in fourth grade; we were washing our desks.

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