Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out of the pool

The stitches came out today--yay! So I asked the doc if I could go back to swimming. He said sure--yay! But then I thought to ask him if I could wear swim goggles. Oh, no. Nothing that would put pressure on the wound for a month--the cut is near my right eyebrow.

I know there's a crazy water polo-playing Californian on swimmer boys' college swim team who swims without goggles, but even the thought makes me cringe. Swimming 3,000 meters in an indoor, chlorinated pool with no goggles? I think my eyes would explode.

So it looks like no swimming for me till almost Christmas. I am not happy.


  1. Oh no. I used to do the competitive swimming thing with no goggles. It wasn't so bad once one was used to it. I'm sorry you'll have to continue without for the time being.

  2. Just saw this comment, Bea. I swam without goggles in the old days, too, but I don't think I can do it now. Only another couple weeks to wait--I see the doc Dec. 20. The injury site is still sore, actually, so maybe waiting is good. I hope I'm 100 % by then--though I'm sure I'll have the dreaded "noodle arms"--the arms move, but they feel like they aren't moving any water.