Friday, September 6, 2013

The Naked Laird

The Naked Laird (eBook)

Tuesday morning I handed in the edits for Loving Lord Ash, the final book in my Duchess of Love series, so I thought I’d take a moment to look back at my Naked series. I’m very excited to tell you that my two Naked novellas, “The Naked Laird” and “The Naked Prince,” will be released as separate e-novellas. So if you missed them when they came out in their respective anthologies or if you just want to complete your Naked collection on your e-reader, you’ll now be able to do that. Well, not quite now. The Naked Laird releases November 1; The Naked Prince will be out December 31. I'm pretty sure you can preorder them now, if you want to.

The Naked Laird first appeared in February 2009 in the anthology Lords of Desire. You can read an excerpt on my web site here. You’ll see the cover of the anthology which, if you’re already a Naked reader, may help you remember if you’ve read the story before.

The Laird was the first novella I ever wrote. (A novella is about a quarter of the length of one of my books.) It was a fun challenge. And being a glutton for challenges, at least sometimes, I set the story during a house party that occurs during The Naked Baron, so you’ll see a glimpse of the one story in the other.

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