Monday, June 27, 2011

Off to NYC

By the time you read this, I should be at Union Station, waiting for the train to New York. Or I'm on the Metro. I do hope I'm not stuck on Metro...but we'll think positively, okay? No travel issues, please. I'm off to the Romance Writers of America national conference.

Even though I'm not an extrovert, I always look forward to this conference--and especially this year when it's in my time zone, just a few hours (I hope) train ride up the coast. I get to see writer pals that I generally only "see" on line. Yes, I may forget people's names and I'll likely say something that I wish I hadn't, but I still have fun. And this year I'm one of the media training guinea pigs which I think means I've volunteered to have myself taped so everyone else can see what not to do. Eh, okay, that might be a little icky. I get to meet readers at the literary signing and see my agent and editor. And I'm sure I'll meet some new people, too. (I'll just apologize now for forgetting your name, shall I? It's really nothing personal. I'm just terrible with names--which I know I should work on, but hey, I don't even always remember my characters' names.)

On Friday My husband is coming up, so when the conference ends, we'll spend the weekend exploring the city while the sons at home hold down the fort. I'll try to post pictures here or on Facebook, but I don't always remember to get out the camera.

Then it's home again and nose to grindstone!

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