Monday, May 9, 2011

Naked postcard

Isn't this cool? My publisher designed this to promote The Naked King and all the other Naked nobles. If you click on each book, it will take you to that page on their site. And did you notice? If you go to the Kensington Facebook page by June 15 and tell them why you love me (blush!), you might win a signed copy of the whole Naked series!

It's less than a month until the King's official release date, and in celebration I'll be posting something here every day, Monday through Friday, until June 7. Stop by tomorrow for my own contest announcement!


  1. That looks beautiful! Can't wait for the King!

  2. I thought I'd posted a comment here, but I guess blogger defeated me. Actually, it's still fighting with me. So, belated thanks--and hopefully this time blogger will let me post. Grr.