Monday, February 7, 2011

More blogging

I've been blogging like a mad woman recently...or maybe it's the blogging that's making me mad (as in crazy). I'll have something up at RT Tuesday and Romance Bandits Saturday. I'll stop by here and put the live links up on those days.

At one of the blogs we were talking about heroes, and I got a bit carried away in the comments about Larry the shoe salesman. You see, I have problem feet. Well, they aren't really a problem. They work quite well. The problem is that no company cares to makes shoes to fit me. I've walked in--and out of--more shoe stores than I care to count. Which is why you'll often see me in running shoes during the winter and flip flops in the summer. Sigh.

So last week I went to buy shoes without much hope of success. But Larry understood. Larry listened. He tried to help. He'd been a shoe salesman in the old days--he'd worked at a family shoe store that I'd gone to growing up--and he actually tried to fit my feet. I did get two pairs. I wore the one pair on our trip to Baltimore this weekend and I think they worked well. Not perfect, but I don't hope for perfection in shoes any more.

Now I'm just hoping he can find me some dress sandals.

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